Live Mindfully

Tang Yin, a Chinese poet from Ming dynasty, once wrote:
People live a lifetime of 70 years,
In the first decade, we are no more than a child,
In the last decade, we become feeble and old.
With just fifty years in between, we spend half sleeping.
All in all, we have but a mere twenty-five years in total,
Only to suffer from life’s toil and struggle.

It’s a thought-provoking poem. Life is short. Unfortunately, most people are very focused on what happened in the past or what they expect that will happen in the future. So we call it: living past of future lives. They are so stuck in the past or indulging in fantasy about the future that they neglect the reality and let the present time go to waste. Maybe your past is filled with awards, glories, shining moments, or sweet and nice things; and it’s always fine to remember them. That means you have done a great job about yourself, and such a past can be motivation for you to create better outcomes later. Most things in the past are the results of what you are doing in the present. The past and present are sort of cause and effect. The same is true as to the correlation between the present and future. It’s perfectly healthy to have appropriate expectations or hope for the future. However, how your future actually turns out depends on what you do in the present.
“Living in the current moment” became a popular concept and philosophy of life years ago. It carries the follow message: peaceful mind and unconditional belief in the current arrangement of things, without regrets from the past and worries over the future.
Very small number of people is actually focused on the current moment and fully enjoys it. How to live in the current moment? Bring yourself to the consciousness of everything happening around you. Feel it and the emotions rising in you. Try to get more spiritual knowledge and get into the state of mind “everything is fine”. Enjoy the air you are breathing, the trees and grass you see, the food you are eating, and all other stimulation from the natural world. If you live each day in this way, you’ll find yourself enriched and pleased by life as years pass by.