Impact of life experience on our personality

    Have you ever wondered why you are who you are now? And why you are more mature, confident, charming, professional or sophisticated than before, or less of any of that than before?

    Most of us are living each day as it unfolds, and tend to come to terms with routine ways of living. Instead of recognizing how special or significant certain event or moment is at the time of occurrence, we consider it just “normal” or not that “noteworthy”. However, when we look back years later, we may “connect the dots” and suddenly realize that special event or moment has significantly shaped a part of who we are now. Then, we wish we could have behaved differently if we knew it earlier.
    Sometimes it would be so nice to see a timeline marked with dots opening up before us, and each of the dots indicates an important event or moment and brings back a precious memory. Unfortunately, we are surrounded by the hustle and bustle of modern life as well as a world full of fragmented information and distractions. We find ourselves reading about and admiring certain movie star or singer on Weibo or Wechat so much that we forget about reading and understanding our own tracks of life.
    Everything that happened during our daily life could have an influence on our life and personality. It accumulates in our subconscious mind and drives our future reactions to similar situations. In many cases, we may lose track of all the important things, moments or “game changers” of life.