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Live Mindfully

Tang Yin, a Chinese poet from Ming dynasty, once wrote: People live a lifetime of 70 years, In the first decade, we are no more than a child, In the last decade, we become feeble and old. With just fifty years in between, we spend...


How Are We Affected by Emotions?

In his book The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals, Charles Darwin wrote that most emotions bear purposes and are therefore the products of natural selection. In a primitive tribe, anger, which seems negative and harmful in common sense, keeps one being feared...

Get Him or Her to Listen 0

Get Him or Her to Listen

[full_width][/full_width]There are always ups and downs as a relationship moves forward. In the process, you will discover more about your partner, and surprisingly, more about yourself. Many people tend to think that they have good personality and sense of reason until their understanding of themselves...

Name Your Emotions 0

Name Your Emotions

In fact, each of us is an expert in emotions. We experience emotions—-sorrow, joy, anger or gratefulness day in and day out. They are as common and natural as breathing. But such emotions are not everlasting and sometimes can be transient.