When You Are Too Shy to Speak Out…

When we are at the beginning of a relationship, things are so sweet and lovely that we feel the whole world is a lot better and more beautiful all of sudden. However, when the passion and ecstasy fade, reality and rationality set in. That’s actually not bad and nothing to be afraid of. It signifies the start of the whole journey.

After some time into the relationship, all couples have quite frequently an issue to express openly about how they feel about the immediate status of relationship face to face. Sometimes we are worried that if we speak out, our partners’ feelings, self-esteem, confidence, or trust can be hurt.  But if we don’t say the truth, we ourselves suffer. This is a very common dilemma in a relationship. Have you ever wondered that of all the things you do, there are some things your partner doesn’t like but keeps it only to himself? He may not like you mixing dirty socks with white shirts in the washing machine; spending too much time on mobile phones; reading too many love stories, or ignoring your mother’s bad habits. He may not be happy with you buying expensive shoes or bags, or wearing the type of dresses that you like but he thinks just so so. The list can go on and on. When it concerns issues of principle, we usually find a way to talk about them due to their importance or urgency. But when it comes to subtle and sensitive issues, we are caught at the end of our wits except knowing that such issues require careful handling or diplomacy.


Luckily, at the risk of sounding too advertising, there is still one way out: MoodDaily.  MoodDaily allows you to express your feelings about your relationship in an easier way by sending a simple message indicating your feelings. You can mark your partner with a big “heart” icon in your friend list so that all your messages to and from your partner are intuitively unfolded in front of you. Moreover, MoodDaily provides an emotion map where you and your partner can interact and understand each other’s emotional trends. It’s messaging/video/audio/picture functions are at your service at any time. We are trying to improve MoodDaily constantly according to users’ feedback in order to help more couples with communication. Our mission is to make communication and expression of feelings easier for you and others.


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